5 Golden Rules Of Shaving Every Man Needs To Follow To Prevent Razor Burns

A well-shaved face is the mark of a true gentleman. Shaving is an art in itself, we believe, and if you do it right, there’s nothing classier than a clean shaved man. But every art-form has its struggles, and shaving comes with its own set of problems too. Improper shaving can cause a lot of issues, the most annoying being razor burns.

Razor burns not only look bad but their counterpart, the razor bumps that follow, itch like crazy and leave a trail of redness. But there’s nothing some extra care and proper shaving technique can’t battle. Follow these golden rules of shaving to bid adieu to those nasty razor burns:

1. Prep Your Skin

To get a good shave, the best time to do it is after a hot shower. The steam softens your skin and facial hair. Steam also opens up pores in your skin which help in reducing ingrown hair, which cause razor-burns.

Using a conditioner on your facial hair helps soften it even more, making way for smooth AF skin post shaving. Also, exfoliation is necessary so that you have a clean, smooth surface to work with. It also helps get rid of teeny-tiny hair that clogs the pores and results in razor-burns.

2. Shave Along The Direction Of Hair-Growth

Most men usually shave against the direction of hair-growth. You get a close shave indeed, but you also risk cutting up your face and causing razor burn. Shaving with the grain will reduce the chances of irritation and won’t cause razor bumps and ingrown hair. Don’t forget to lather up your shaving cream well. A simple step that’ll just take just five extra minutes, can do wonders for your shaving routine.

3. Clean Your Razor Blade With Alcohol

Razor burn and skin irritation, result from bacteria on your shaving blade. Wipe down your razor blade using some rubbing alcohol pre-shaving. Commonly available at several drugstores, rubbing alcohol is the important hygiene step your shaving routine lacks in. Bonus advice, if you didn’t know already, cleaning your blade after every stroke is super important as it helps to make a clean cut and prevents chafing.

4. Towel Dry Shaving Brush & Razor Post-Shave

Dry off your razor blade with a clean towel. This way, your blades won’t go dull super quick and will last longer. Wet shaving brushes can house bacteria, which will end up on your face and cause acne, irritation and razor bumps. Clean your brushes well and hang them to air-dry every time you shave.

5. Apply A Shaving Balm Or Moisturizer

You might have used an aftershave all your life, but it does not provide your skin with the moisture it needs. Aftershaves can actually add to the irritation your skin is facing for a few of you out there. Shaving dries out your skin, and what you need is a shaving balm or an aloe vera-based cream/gel. It’ll help reduce the redness and help your skin retain its moisture.

Voila! Keep these golden rules in mind the next time you shave to achieve that buttery smooth skin texture that women love.

Gray Beard 101 with Dwayne The Rock Johnson!

Ageing isn’t so great, and almost every human on Earth agrees with that. If you are a man and you are growing old it is natural that you start losing strength, your hair will slowly turn gray, and of course same goes for your beard. However, Dwayne Johnson isn’t just some average Joe that will sit back and do nothing about it. The Rock posted a video where he explains how you can grow older and go gray with dignity!

This summer The Rock took to Instagram to discuss his ‘fresh’ facial hair. He shared his experience and also advised numerous male followers on what to do when your beard goes gray.

  • Yeah, I know you very well,’ Dwayne said. ‘Right now, you’re looking, you’re like, ‘Damn, DJ, look at that beard, okay.’ It’s for Skyscraper, I’m growing this out.

And it seems like he never shaved it off completely after that.

An expert on facial hair spoke his mind on the matter, and fortunately, he too thinks that Dwayne has been slaying with his gray beard game so far. Kirk Riley, a barber and co-founder of Otis & Finn in New York said:

  • ‘The main thing The Rock is doing right is maintaining his beard and keeping it trimmed while still keeping it natural in color and shape. He is very likely using a high quality all natural oil to condition as well.
  • The combination of natural color, conditioning, and shaping suits him much better than if he had the beard lined up.’

Even though growing a beard seems easy you have to pay attention to some things and take some measures if you want your beard to look as good as The Rock’s. Riley claimed how Dwayne has ‘a unique beard.’

  • He continued by adding ‘It’s two-toned salt and pepper and is the luck of the draw based on his genetics and age. My advice would be to keep the sideburn and cheek of your beard tight and let your barber know you want to keep the goatee a little darker and thicker, if possible.’ Of course, everyone is different, and there are no two exactly same humans on earth so you’ll probably want to consult your barber first before going for a cut.

That is not all as you’ll have to visit a barber every now and then, but it’s worth it. If you want to stay home, you’ll have to buy yourself a solid beard trimmer or a razor.

  • Other than that you’ll want to keep the neck and above your lips cleaned up. It doesn’t matter whether you want a short beard or a long one, you have to pay attention to those two things.
  • On the other hand, if you still don’t know how to feel about growing a gray beard barber Riley says that you should ‘rock’ it with confidence. And yes, maybe it goes without saying but, do not color your beard okay? Please don’t.


No one wants to be dubbed the guy with the bad beard. Let’s face it, patchiness, bad styles, or improper grooming habits can all earn you the title. Whether partying too hard or not hitting the shower enough is the cause of your dirty, scraggly mess, there are softening and growth-stimulating solutions.

Here at The Raw Company, we don’t want you to keep walking around with the label of the bro with the bad beard. We’re here to help, so below we compiled a list of seven bad beard habits you should avoid to get your facial hair back to its intended glory.

1. Don’t skip the Gym.

Exercise is essential not only to promote your physical health but also to fight off stress. When you work out, your body’s serotonin levels increase. This hormone is known for being the brain’s happiness controller. Furthermore, the added serotonin helps fight off the negative cortisone hormone stress causes.

So, how does this fit into growing a beard? When you are less stressed and more physically active, the body is more at ease and capable of inducing proper hair growth.

Likewise, implementing a healthy diet encourages shinier and stronger strands. Foods to consider adding to your diet to better your beard include products like eggs, avocados, nuts and raisins. Also on the list is potatoes, so start eating some instead of acting like one of the couch variety.

2. Don’t forget to shower.

Don’t take your fashion tips from Frank on Netflix’s “Shameless.” A shower is necessary to keep your beard looking fresh. And no, that doesn’t mean reaching for some drugstore 10 in 1 shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, car degreaser, wood polish nonsense product.

Treat your beard with respect. This means picking up a gentle shampoo to cleanse your facial tresses and a softening conditioner to restore their moisture. To really pack in the lasting softness and shine, work in a few drops of beardoil after your shower.

3. Don’t become a scraggly mess

Styling doesn’t have to be an hour-long process. However, rolling out of bed and hitting the town is just not going to cut it. You definitely aren’t achieving an effortless look, instead you’re being left with a bad beard.

What is the point of having a beard if you are walking around with a tangled clump on your face all day? No one wants to be the guy who people passing by assume probably has a face that smells a little funky.

There are two key lessons here. First, trimming is something you should get used to and keep up with. Tidy up loose ends and reduce as much scraggliness as possible. Second, invest in a beard balmor wax to mold longer or fuller beards into an acceptable shape. Tame that mane!

4. Don’t leave food crumbs behind.

This should pretty much go without saying, but come on guys, after dinner wipe those crumbs away! No woman will want to come within 10 feet of you if she can see bits of your entree tangled in your tresses.

While it may be tempting to save part of your meal for later, fight the urge. Your beard will thank us later when it isn’t drying out from bits of your leftover cornbread or hot sauce.

5. Don’t get overwhelmed by your beard style.

It’s important to pick a style that suits your face and personality. Even if you are one of the lucky ones who can grow a full, glorious beard, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for you.

When it comes to cutting and styling, stick to what feels right for you. Don’t let friends, family or celebrities influence your decision too much. Indicators that are reliable when deciding what will look best include assessing your face shape, hair color, comfortability and boldness and job requirements.

Sometimes, less is more. Going with a clean, classic style is definitely a better look than trying to morph your beard or mustache into a style that doesn’t fit your personal fashion choices or mannerisms.

6. Don’t be afraid to embrace a new style either.

However, our last tip should not discourage you from taking chances. If you are on the outgoing side and like to take risks with your fashion, then by all means use that beard to your advantage. After all, a big beard does not have to mean a bad beard.

We’re all for the long, bushy and even whacky beards. Take a tip from the Los Angeles Dodgers player above, sometimes it’s just time to pull out all the stops and go for the biggest and boldest style you can achieve.
You might need a whole beard kit to achieve this look, but once you get to this level of beard glory, it all seems pretty worth it.

Footwear Guide for a Modern Man

Mark Twain once said, “Clothes make the man, Naked People have little or no influence on society.”

The very same can be said about footwear, in fact, a great pair of shoes, is what separates the men from the boys.

Yalla! Shabab ,its time to buy some great shoes that match your personality.

A little attention to your feet will take you a long way, quite literally, in scoring some major grooming points with peers, ladies and even ones standing in the opposition.

Without dancing around the trees anymore, gentlemen, I unveil to you the evergreen, the ever fashionable, the absolute must-have. Perfect whether you are a college student, (you dress up for the job you want, not what you have), a big company employee or a frustrated entrepreneur.

I give you, *drumroll please*, The Oxfords.

1. Oxfords

Originally called Balmorals, these were derived from their place of origin in England.

They are definitely at the top of the Shoe Kingdom, and you might not necessarily like them, but you can’t definitely ignore them either. They add a touch of class to both formal and casual occasions.

Originally in patent leather and black as the color of choice, Oxfords have managed to constantly reinvent themselves, without losing their firm grasp at the top of the pile with the changing times.

They now are available in a range of colours, brown, tan and even white and a range of materials. (image source for both : www.carminashoemaker.com)

2. Brogues

Number 2 on this list of must-have footwear, are Brogues, yes yes, I do hear your reservations in embracing this style, seen by some as over the top and quite ostentatious, well, no great object comes without frills gentlemen.
This one comes in with some show and pomp and rightly so.

  • Tracing its roots to Scotland and Ireland where it was first humbly crafted with untanned leather and the perforations, which later became decorative and the process was called“broguing”, were for draining out shoes while men walked across bogs (the perforations were for practical purposes Gents!).
  • Brouges have slowly been embraced in all walks of life from the dance floor to the boardroom, and well frankly does give your foot game a major leg up.

3. Sneakers

A class of footwear, which have made a comeback of sorts, well they hadn’t really gone away, but have managed to capture the imaginations and have proven to be quite exciting ways possible are the Sneakers.

  • No more relegated to adorning feet only for physical exertions and being the everyday footwear workhorse for a lot of people, for the longest time, sneakers were considered to be made for comfort and comfort only.
  • That isn’t the case any more though, with all the major big brands, previously consigned to manufacture “sport” shoes, reinventing and reasserting the fashion quotient of this class of footwear.

Designed, Manufactured and tested in hi-tech labs, sneakers are available to us in a range of materials from the classic canvas to uber hi-tech sci-fi sneakers made from almost everything, to breathable fibers to recycled plastics from the oceans.

  • No more relegated to adorning feet only for physical exertions and being the everyday footwear workhorse for a lot of people, for the longest time, sneakers were considered to be made for comfort and comfort only.
  • Our advice on this : go get yourself some sneaker-love and charge an assault on the ordinary.

5. Boots

An honorable mention needs to be made of Boots, previously the domain of serious bikers and rockstars, these all purpose and sturdy class of footwear, have found new lovers and come in the mainstream fashion streets in a big way.

Do give these a spin if you’d like to add a dimension to your personality.

5. Sandals

Rounding up this list of must-have footwear, is the ever dependable and considering the tropical Indian weather, the ever favored, Sandals.

These have become a preferred wardrobe essential for most men and we don’t begrudge it for that. With exciting new avatars of the simple sandals, this one can be a fashion statement all on its own, as long as you’re not covering them up with baggy trousers.

This is just us scratching the surface of the world of footwear, but we hope that you’ve gotten some new insights on taking your fashion game to the next level Gents.

These coupled with some essential grooming tips and some awesome hair care ideas will make you a serious candidate for the fashion journals mates.

Till next time Shabab, go reinvent your footwear wardrobe and floor everyone around

Cheers and best of luck!

Amazing Guide on What to Look at Before Buying Wrist Watch

Wrist watch is not just a style statement. Some people have fetish for watches and some just like to wear them because well, they help tell the time. Nowadays they also read out your mails, help you take calls and monitor your heart rate.

  • Arabs are crazy about watches and it’s a luxury statement for most Arab men, which in turn has made all major brand come in here and open there showrooms.
  • A watch can range from a 10 SR to a massive 1 million SR (and sometimes more).

So if you’re planning to buy a good watch and want to invest a bundle, you should run through this quick guide before flashing one on your wrist!
To begin with you have to decide the type of watch you want to have.
There are 3 types for you to choose from: Analog, Digital, Analog/Digital.

  • Analog watches are considered formal. They have hours and minutes hand with markers to display a 12 hour day. Digital watches are completely casual equipped with LCD or LED face. (Smart watches also come within the domain of digital watches.)
  • Analog/digital is the amalgamation of both, and not too commonly seen on wrists.

1. Type of battery

Batteries too, are of 3 types.

  • Digital watches are powered by a tiny battery. Quartz watches run on electrified quartz crystal and are accurate.
  • Mechanical watches are run by a line of gears and springs.

2. Watch glass

Glass which covers the watch face is of 3 types as well.

  • Plexiglass, which can’t be shattered but can be scratched. Mineral glass can be shattered but not scratched.
  • Synthetic sapphire is expensive and scratch resistant but can be broken easily.

3. Band

Bands are of three types

  • Leather band which include alligator bands, crocodile skin bands, etc. These are considered more formal.
  • Metal band or stainless steel bands are considered a little less formal, so they are perfect for daily wear.
  • Synthetic material based bands are the least formal of them all and are used for sports and smart watches.

4. Case

Cases can be made up of titanium, platinum, gold, silver or steel. It’s up to you how much you can spend on a watch!
Happy reading and make sure you buy a right one!!!

5 Hacks For Men Who Has Always Wanted Thick-Looking Hair

Everyone has, at some point, envied the thick and abundant mop of hair on someone else’s head. While getting that naturally is quite the blessing, most people aren’t that lucky.

So, we are here to let you in on a few hacks that’ll let your hair look like it is thick and plentiful. Some of these are pretty simple, and super easy, while some require a little bit effort.

Also, remember that these hacks can only make it look like your hair is thicker and more. Actually fixing thinning hair requires more than basic hacks.
Let’s get started with these hacks for thick hair:

1. Use Body-Boosting Hair Products

To give your hair volume, an obvious answer is to use volume boosting products. You can use shampoos that work on increasing the body and the volume of your hair. Pair it with a conditioner that is also geared towards doing the same. These products can’t stop hair fall or thicken your hair. They just add more body to the hair.

2. Make Blow Dryer your Habibi

You can add more body and volume to your hair, thus making it look more full, by blow drying it. Brush the stands outwards from your face, to give the illusion of more volume. Lift up the base as much as you can while doing this. Hold up the roots, to give some extra body to the hair while blow drying. Don’t smoothen the roots, just smoothen out the ends.

Be careful while styling that you don’t flatten the roots. Use a good hair serum to keep the softness, and protect your hair from the heat.You should also keep some heat-protecting products around, if you blow dry your hair often.

3. Get Yourself Some Hair Mousse

Before your blowout, take a coin-sized amount of mousse and work it in your hair. Use more if needed, according to your hair length and type. The mousse helps your hair retain the volume created by the blow dryer. It also lets you have more control with your hair, than using just a serum would. Avoid using it at the roots though, and focus more on the mid-length and the ends.

4. Pick Up A Dry Shampoo

Yes, the purpose of dry shampoo is slightly different than what we are recommending it for here.

The consistency of dry shampoos makes a great way to add volume to your hair. The powder form is meant to get rid of the greasiness of your hair, without having to use water. But it also settles on the hair strands, and creates a bit of an extra layer on it, thanks to the powder.

You can also use it on the roots safely, so this is a super easy way to add some quick volume to your hair. The best way to do it is getting through coverage, so tip your head over, spray over the strands properly, from roots to ends, holding the bottle a few inches away.

Afterwards, just brush out your hair or finger comb it. The dry shampoo takes care of the greasiness, getting rid of the flatness. And the lightweight powder shampoo gives you fullness.

5. Cover Up The Gaps

This one is the most innovative, perhaps even the most ambitious hack. Thin hair means that often there are gaps in the hair roots. So a quick-fix is to cover those gaps up. How do we do it? That’s where it gets innovative. You can use anything that matches your hair colour and is safe to use on skin. We are thinking quickly dusting off some of your girlfriend’s or wife’s black or brown eyeshadows should do the trick.

Simple Things To Do Every Day To Get A Thick, Long & Healthy Beard During The Winter Months

Salam Shabab!! Winter is about to set in, and as pleasant and romantic as it may seem from a distance (or the idea of it, shall we say), the reality is rather harsh, just like the cold winds it brings along

The cold weather can be extremely tricky, especially when it comes to skincare and haircare. But the most challenging thing, we think, is beard care, as it’s neither here nor there.

Your beard is prone to damage during extreme weather conditions, and it can get even trickier in Saudi Arabia, thanks to the huge difference in summer and winter temperatures. But, it can be dealt with quite easily, if you follow a simple routine daily, consisting of 4 easy steps.

1. The first step is extremely easy, as it requires you to do nothing. By that, we mean to refrain from washing your beard frequently. Every time you wash your beard, it is stripped of the natural oils, and that can wreak havoc when it comes to your beard’s health. Wash it every 2 or 3 days with a beard shampoo.

2. Using a beard oil is a must. The weather will dry your beard out, and there is no way the moisture will be back naturally, because of low humidity. So, you need to make sure your beard gets proper nourishment through a good beard oil.

3. Use a beard/moustache wax while stepping out. The wax, apart from styling your beard, will create a film on your beard that will protect it from the harshness of the elements outside. Plus, it’s easier to sip liquids when there are no stray hairs going in them!

4. Drink plenty of water. Dehydration can have an extreme impact on your beard, and it can be visible in the form of a scraggly and lifeless beard. Plus, because of excessive coffee consumption during winter, our body becomes even more dehydrated. Keep drinking water not just for a thick, healthy beard, but also for your general well-being during the winter months.

10 Most Amazing Bearded Warriors of All Time.

There’s an old proverb, where there is history, there is conflict. Wars fought over territory, wealth and even love, have dominated our collective consciousness for hundreds of years. And where there are warriors of legend, can beards of legend be far behind? So today, we compile a definitive list of the most kick ass beards, on the most kick ass warriors in history. So without wasting any more time, here are our picks.

1. Alaric the Visigoth

When we think about Ancient Rome, we always think about the large empire it was. In the case of Alaric the Visigoth however, Rome was the object of his desire. Alaric was the leader of the Germanic tribe called the Visigoths who terrorized Rome, by attacking and plundering it, very often for sport. Alaric was described as a great leader, a strong general and of course, a bearded God. Legend has it, that Alaric made a vow to never shave if he won Rome, and considering his impressive beard, safe to say that he came good on his vow!

2. Vercingetorix the Gaul

Any list of kickass warriors with kick-ass beards would be incomplete without Vercingetorix the Gaul. Most of us have loved the adventures of Asterix and Obelix as children, and Vercingetorix is said to be the inspiration behind this story. This bearded God amongst men is said to have been one of the fiercest warriors Julius Caesar ever faced and eventually subdued. Vercingetorix’s beard is said to have been as impressive as the man himself and like him was proud and unyielding to the very end!

3. Genghis Khan

No list of world beating warrior Gods would ever be complete without Genghis Khan. The Khan as he was called commanded an Empire that stretched from Modern China and Mongolia to Eastern Europe, making his territory, larger than the clean shaven Alexander (proof that beards rule!) Genghis Khan was a ruthless warrior who never let anyone stand in his way, and his Mongol army was a well drilled machine that swept away whole empires like they were nothing! Oh, and did we mention that he had a beard that rivaled Zeus himself? Well, he did!

4. Chhatrapati Shivaji

ChhatrapatiShivajiMaharaj is an icon. How could he not be? He was among the first Indian rulers to make a stand against the might of the Mughal empire and carve out an independent state in the process. His beard too, that perfect helmet strap, made him look that much more regal and fierce. Everyone has heard of his daring escape from the Mughal court in Agra where he was imprisoned. His daring, warrior prowess and military genius even today is marveled at and respected. In Maharashtra, he’s respected and literally worshippedand rightly so!

5. Leonidas the Spartan

while the movie 300 greatly exaggerates the battle of Thermopylae, there is no doubting the existence and warrior spirit of its prime hero Leonidas the Spartan. Standing up to the might of Xerxes with his much larger army, Leonidas and his Spartans sure did give them hell. And all the historical records do prove that the man did have a beard that could make the ladies go weak in the knees. Not only did he have a kickass beard, but also a great sense of humor. When a rival general told him that Persian arrows would block out the sun, Leonidas retorted, so we will fight in the shade!

6. Maharaja Ranjit Singh

Ever wondered where the word Sher-e-Punjab originated? Well, it was first used to describe the indomitable Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Having survived smallpox in infancy, Ranjit Singh lost sight in his left eye. Nevertheless, this warrior God (with a beard to match) fought his first war against the Afghans, at the tender age of 10! He is credited in many ways for creating the first UNIFIED Sikh state and as a just and fair ruler. His reputation as a warrior, however, was even more legendary and he’s revered among the Sikhs as a leader, a wise man and one of their most noble kings!

7. Hannibal of Carthage

One of the world’s most discussed military feats is credited to this man. Hannibal was a Carthaginian military genius and is said to have crossed the Alps, with elephants, and then used them to crush the Roman army. Trust a bearded man to bend the will of African elephants to himself! It is said that Roman citizens feared Hannibal so much, that when they heard of his march on their city, they fled in terror, leaving all their riches behind! Talk about your reputation preceding you!

8. Attila the Hun

Known as the scourge of God, Attila the Hun, was a vicious and badass Barbarian, who simply was one of Ancient Rome’s most hated enemies. Beneath the brutality, he displayed in battle, however, was a military genius, and a ruggedly handsome man, with a beard that commanded respect. He was one of the first generals to use guerilla warfare in order to carry the much more organized Roman army into making mistakes. And his tactics, though seemingly barbaric worked. He expelled the Romans from Hungary, and in pursuit, actually annexed a good part of their territories!

9. Miyamoto Musashi

Samurai. One word that sends chill down one’s spine. Samurai warriors were among the most feared swordsmen in the world. And Miyamoto Musashi was the fiercest (and most bearded) of all of the Samurai. So one Samurai sword can inspire terror, but Musashi was so kickass, he used two! He developed a dual sword fighting style and is said to have had the largest body count of any Samurai ever! Heck, he even wrote a book about the art of decapitation, and called it (rather mysteriously) A Book of Five Rings!


agnarLothbrok rounds off our countdown of the world’s most bearded badasses ever; for two simple reasons; he was an amazing warrior, and he had an amazing beard! Lothbrok started off his career as a mercenary and sailed to England from Scandinavia on several raids. Eventually, he proved himself in battle and amassed a famed Viking army that looted and pillaged the North of England (Northumberland) at will!

So that was our pick for the 10 most amazing bearded warriors of history and legend. Do let us know your favorite in the comments below. And until next time remember that with a great beard, comes great responsibility!

7 Health benefits of having a beard

Nothing says masculine like a scruffy beard – but did you know there were health benefits also to be derived from growing facial hair.
The Raw Company brings you the seven benefits of growing beards.

1. Prevents Skin Cancer

Recent researches have shown that 95 per cent of UV rays from the sun are blocked by beards. Besides keeping the sun out of your face, this is also important as exposure to UV rays can cause cancer. The thicker the hair, the better!

2. Reduction Of Asthma And Allergy Symptoms

Middle eastern Weather can get really dusty. If you suffer from pollen or dust allergy or even asthma, facial hair actually help by working as a filter and prevent the allergens from settling. This is not much different from nasal hair

3. Stay Young, forever!

Here’s your secret to naturally lessen signs of aging. With lesser sun exposure, you can actually continue to look younger – unlike the guys who do not go for beards. Paradox of sorts – beards make you look older, but actually keep you looking younger!

4. Stave Off Illness

So it might be summer now, but when it gets biting cold during fall or winter – the beard will keep you warm and can actually help you battle colds as well. The longer the beard, the better insulation you get!

5. Reduce Infections

You never have to worry about bacterial infections, ingrowths and folliculitis (infection of the hair follicles, causing spots) with a beard. These infections are occupational hazards of regular shaving. Be done with that, and be done with such problems as well

6. Blemish-Free Skin

When you do not have ingrowths, razor cuts and other such skin problems, you have a blemish-free skin. Keep the beard and the great skin, and forget about little nicks and cuts on your face.

7. Natural Moisture

The last thing about keeping beards is that you do not have to worry about dry skin. The hair keeps wind and cold air out, helping your skin battle dryness. Also the sebaceous glands help keep your skin moisturized better when you have a beard, because there is no way you are getting the moisture out of the beard.

3 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Beard

Beards are to Arab men like chicken is to shawarma and ball is to football. They are a part and parcel of who Arab men are. And as every ARAB FATHER said rather correctly, ‘Ya-Walad with great power (replace power with beard) comes great responsibility. Your beard is your identity and maintaining it is your duty, no your sacred responsibility! Most people make the mistake of assuming that beards are maintenance free solution. On the contrary, a beard that actually improves your appearance, takes a great deal of maintenance and care.

A well groomed beard is the hallmark of a signature look, so whether you have a full beard (put logo of full beard) or a French beard (image needed), a handle bar (image) or even a goatee (small image), grooming is important for each and every one of these. So we at the raw company have made it a point to give you the lowdown on the best beard grooming routine possible. And while that sounds like a task, it couldn’t be simpler you will easily have the beard you crave and deserve!
Beard grooming has three essential steps.

  • Washing
  • Oiling
  • Combing

1. Washing your beard

Washing your beard is the most fundamental step in the grooming routine. You do it when you do a wadhu , if you don’t pray it is all chill Here’s how you go about it.

Always use lukewarm water and rinse out the dirt and grime from your beard.
Using a few drops of beard wash on your face, massage into the hair.
Use lukewarm water to wash it off.

Remember a healthy beard is a clean one, so ensure that you wash your beard religiously, everyday!

2. Oiling your beard

Oiling keeps your beard nourished and protected from dust and environmental irritants. Beard oils are formulated to keep your beard looking and feeling conditioned, washed and nourished. So here’s how you use them.

Apply a few drops of beard oil onto your wrist. If there are no signs of skin sensitivity, like redness or dryness and scaly skin, continue to use concentrated.

If you do display sensitivity to the product mix with room temperature water and continue using as normal.

Splash your palm with a few drops of the product and apply liberally into your beard and skin.

3. Combing your beard

Combing your beard will help keep it a certain way. Now remember, that just like your hair, your beard’s appearance also depends on the way you style it. Using beard comb will help you tame your man-sprawl and give it the style that you deserve.

After applying beard oil , run the beard comb in the desired direction. Always use a wooden comb as it is less likely to irritate the gentle facial skin. Wooden combs, enable the even distribution of the skin’s natural sebum and facilitate a healthy growth as well. There you have it, the perfect beard grooming routine, as simple as 1-2-3. It isn’t time consuming and it makes life that much simpler, especially when you have places to be, and people to meet! Halla walla ya Shabab cheers!!!