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About Us

Have you ever wondered why greatness comes so naturally to the bearded, or a well groomed man? Why every kick ass, creative, awesome man you know in sports or celebrities carry a beard and look so good? Or why history’s most awesome personalities were bearded? or even if one just takes care of himself and looks awesome? We did too. Then we decided to grow our own. While we were growing our beards, we tried looking for products that would help us maintain and groom our beards.

The Raw Company was born out of the lack of options for the discerning urban male in the middle east region, who likes to grow and maintain his beard, have a better shaving experience or likes grooming but has no alternative other than using ordinary oils or incompatible female products. At The Raw Company we use the choicest ingredients and quality controlled manufacturing processes to give the bearded man, the products he needs to ensure that his face mane, is pampered, soft, shiny and smells impeccable.

The Raw Company is a brand made by and for middle eastern men. From blogs , grooming tips tricks to 100% natural everyday grooming products. One stop solution to a modern men Grooming routine.

“Tested on shabaab, not on Animals”

Yours Awesomely
The Raw Company team.


Beard growth oil

Oud wood beard oil

Oud wood beard balm

Orange clove nutmeg beard balm

Thyme and lemon beard wash

Beard wax

Orange clove nutmeg beard oil